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The Dynamics Days Europe is a major international conference with a long tradition aimed at covering the entire field of dynamics and nonlinearity. The XXIXth event in this tradition will take place in Göttingen.

See below for more information or download the Dynamics Days 2009 poster.

Organizers:            Local Organizing Committee:
Eberhard Bodenschatz            Oskar Hallatschek
Theo Geisel            Matthias Schröter
Stephan Herminghaus            Stefan Luther
Jan Nagler            Marc Timme
Annette Witt            Ulrich Parlitz
Jürgen Vollmer            Johannes Blaschke


The conference will start on Monday, August 31 at 9 am and end on Friday, September 4 in the afternoon.


Schedule: download the PDF.

Invited Talks

Abstracts of the invited talks: download the PDF


Abstracts of the poster contributions: download the PDF

Contributed Talks

There are 9 contributed talk sessions following the APS system. Talks start at 11:00 and go to 13:00, with 12+3 minutes for each talk. Most of the sessions consist of 8 talks, but occasionally there are 9.


Detailed schedule of session #1 Neuronal Dynamical Systems (Audi Max): download the PDF
Speakers: Ngo, Kirst, Levina, Tchumatchenko, Dahlem, Battaglia, Postnova, Zhu

Detailed schedule of session #2 Mathematical Physics and High Dimensional Systems (Hilbert Hall): download the PDF
Speakers: Yang, Akimoto, Hallerberg, Suetani, Pazo, Gucwa, Mukhin, Rosenblum, Lippolis

Detailed schedule of session #3 Fluid Patterns and Time Dependent Driving (MPI): download the PDF
Speakers: Mishra, Gläßl, Wagner, Weiss, Mazhorova, Leonel, Karolyi, Estrada


Detailed schedule of session #1 Networks and Time Series (Audi Max): download the PDF
Speakers: Livina, Rohden, Kantelhardt, Hennig, Schumann, Flechsig, Piro, Suzuki

Detailed schedule of session #2 Biological, Socio-economic and Evolutionary Dynamics (Hilbert Hall): download the PDF
Speakers: Baresel, Fruhner, Eule, Claussen, Krug, Herde, Hallatschek, Iglesias

Detailed schedule of session #3 Statistical Physics (MPI): download the PDF
Speakers: Shaw, Grosskinsky, Fortuna, Huang, de Wijn, Goehring, Dubbeldam, Kornek, Tsironis


Detailed schedule of session #1 Biological Patterns (Audi Max): download the PDF
Speakers: Biktasheva, Bittihn, Alonso, Kyrychko, Orihashi, Bröcker, Kohout, Harth, Hadac

Detailed schedule of session #2 Synchronization, Chaos and Quantum Chaos (Hilbert Hall): download the PDF
Speakers: Dana, Fleischmann, Kottos, Kuhl, Skokos, D'Huys, Martens, Ando, Vincent

Detailed schedule of session #3 Turbulence (MPI): download the PDF
Speakers: Vanyo, Zahnow, Chaudhuri, Daitche, Mehlig, Hof, Paul, Xu

Scientific Scope

The conference will cover new developments in modelling, mathematical foundations, applications and experiments. Contributed talks and posters are invited from all areas of dynamics:

Dynamical Systems Chaos in Hamiltonian Systems 
Time-Series Analysis Synchronization and Chaos Control 
Pattern Formation and Spatio-Temporal Chaos Quantum Chaos 
Turbulence and Fluid Dynamics Stochastic Systems 
Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics Soft Matter and Granular Materials 
Complex Systems in Biological Physics Complex Networks 
Neural Dynamics Population Dynamics and Epidemiology 
Socio- and Econophysics Applications in Engineering and Nanoscience 

In addition numerous topics will be highlighted in invited plenary talks. In particular, there will be focus sessions devoted to

Clouds and Turbulence Foundations of Statistical Physics 
Dynamics of Soft Matter Granular Matter 
Engineering and Optimization Neuronal Dynamics 
Evolutionary Dynamics Pattern Formation in the Heart 

Confirmed Speakers

H.D.I. Abarbanel (UCSD)
G. Ahlers (UCSB)
E.G. Altmann (Evanston)
J. Bec (Nice)
M. Berry (Bristol)
G. Casati (Como)
H. Chaté (Paris)
E.M. Cherry (Cornell)
T. Christen (Baden-Dättwil)
P. Cvitanovic (Georgia Tech)
O. Descalzi (Santiago)
C. Dettmann (Bristol)
B. Drossel (Darmstadt)
   J.-P. Eckmann (Geneva)
F.H. Fenton (Cornell)
N. Goldenfeld (Urbana-Champaign)
J. Hermisson (Wien)
A. Karma (Northeastern)
S.P. Malinowski (Warsaw)
S. Mandre (Harvard)
A. Morozov (Edinburgh)
E. van Nimwegen (Basel)
J. Peinke (Oldenburg)
M. Pica Ciamarra (Napoli)
   T. Pöschel (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
J.M. Rubi (Barcelona)
F. Stratmann (Leipzig)
A. Schöbel (Göttingen)
U. Smilansky (Weizmann)
B. Stevens (Hamburg)
B.P. Tighe (Leiden)
N. Tishby (Jerusalem)
A. Treves (Trieste)
C. van Vreeswijk (Paris)
A. Zippelius (Göttingen)

In addition there will be evening talks by S. Patterson (Göttingen) about the history of the mathemtics research in Göttingen, and a multimedia show presented by Rob Shaw.

Contributed Talks and Posters

Besides the focus session with invited talks, there will be time slots with two parallel sessions of contributed talks. Based on a reviewing of extended abstracts (two pages) about 40 contributions will be selected for 15 minuts oral presentation.

Posters will be on display during the whole conference, in addition to special poster sessions. Following an old tradition of Dynamics Days there will be awards given for the best poster presentations.

Poster sizes: ideally DIN A0 portrait format (0.88m x 1.19m)
(Wall size is 2.00m (width) x 1.35m (height), for 2 posters)
Pins will be provided.

After pre-registration you will be provided with a LaTeX-template that should be used for the submission of abstracts for posters and talks.



The Registration Desk is at the Mathematics Institute, Bunsenstr. 3-5.

Registration is possible on Sunday, 30 Aug, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., and during the conference from 8 p.m.

Plenary sessions will take place in the Audi Max in the main building of the Mathematics Institute, Bunsenstr. 3-5 across the street from the campus of the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The site is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the historical centre of Göttingen.

The Hilbert Hall is another lecture hall for the contributed talks located in the Mathematics Institute. The MPI Lecture Hall, and the DLR Hangar are on the DLR/MPI grounds.

Click here to see a map.

DLR provides WLAN at the DLR Hangar (bring your notebook!). In addition, there will be a computer pool on the DLR/MPI grounds in Building 2.

Directions: The main entry points for international attendees are the Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, and Berlin airports. The closest airport to Göttingen is in Hannover at a distance of approximately 100 km. The most convenient way to reach Göttingen from one of the airports is by train. Train schedules are available at

To reach the conference facilities from the Göttingen railway station you can take a taxi (5 minutes), the bus number 4 (from terminal D to Walkemühlenweg), or walk (10-20 minutes). Use the main exit (city exit) to leave the station and walk to the right. Follow the main street, Berliner Straße. After the traffic lights continue onto Bürgerstraße. Keep walking for about 600m until you arrive at the Bunsenstraße. The Mathematics Institute is right at the corner.

For more information about Göttingen please have a look at the City of Göttingen website, or the Guide to Göttingen provided by the University. The latter mainly a city guide written for the benefit of foreign students and academic staff, but it also contains a lot of useful information about daily life.


Registration Fees

 until June 30after June 30
Students (incl. PhD students)150,- EUR200,- EUR
Regular (non-industrial participants)  250,- EUR300,- EUR
Industry350,- EUR400,- EUR

The fees cover access to the scientific sessions, the book of abstracts, coffee breaks, a reception on Monday night, and the conference dinner.
Cancellation is possible until June 30, 2009 by email .


Financial Support

There will be limited funds available to support scientists from less-favoured regions in Europe and young researchers. German students, who are members of the German Physical Society are eligible for support by the Heraeus foundation.

Please send an email to (redacted) to apply for reduced fees, and grants for travel and local expenses. The applications will be reviewed together with the contributions to the conference, such that promises for financial support can be sent out in May together with the notification of the acceptance of contributed talks and posters.


Abstracts:April 30, 2009
Acceptance:May 15, 2009
Registration:June 30, 2009


We are grateful to the European Physical Society (EPS) and the WE-Heraeus foundation for sponsoring the Dynamics Days Europe 2009. Please click on their respective logos to visit their web sites.

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