Guest Program

valid from July 01, 2017

I. The idea

The Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization offers scientists from home and abroad the opportunity to conduct research at the Institute as guests. Visiting scientists may conduct their own research projects with us. They have access to the outstanding infrastructure of our Institute and exchange ideas and collaborate with the international colleagues at the Institute. To encourage such exchanges and to promote international collaborations and networking visiting scientists are integrated into the Institute’s research operation.

Visiting scientists of our Institute are supported by external funding (third party funds) or through a Max Planck Fellowship (Max Planck Society Scholarship, MPGS). This Guest Programme also forms the basis for awarding MPG scholarships to visiting scientists. With its decision making body it ensures that only the best scientists from abroad receive a MPG Scholarship.

Participants in our Guest Programme are provided an excellent work environment at the Institute and receive support in all matters of daily life and scientific concerns. Our guests are also very welcome to play an active role in the academic and social life of the Institute.

II. International collaboration and networks

The Guest Programme constitutes an integral part of the centres and international research programmes at the Institute, in particular: International Collaboration for Turbulence Research (ICTR), Focus on Complex Fluid Dynamics, and the Max Planck Centre for Complex Fluid Dynamics, Twente. We also work with selected institutions and funding bodies, e.g. DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Human Frontiers Foundation, etc.

III. Funding opportunities

If you do not have your own financing or external funding, there is an opportunity to receive funding through a Max Planck Society Scholarship. The maximum funding period for the MPGS is 2 years for scientists who have obtained their doctorate and 6 months for doctoral students. During this period, our guests have full access to all scientific facilities and associated support to enable them to advance their own projects.

IV. Specific opportunities for doctoral students

Doctoral students can receive funding for up to six months through an MPGS. With this measure, we deliberately want to give junior scientists the chance to exchange ideas and build networks in a unique international environment at an early stage of their training. The residency can also be conducted in the company of an established scientist also participating in the Guest Programme.

V. The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee selects those to be funded. The number of scholarships awarded in the Guest Programme is strictly limited.

The Committee consists of:
1 Director
1 Representative of MPRGs, Research Group Leaders or Postdocs
1 Doctoral student representative

VI. Applications

If you are working on a research project that fits with the Institute's portfolio and our vision, and if you are interested in our Guest Programme, please send us an email to

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