Prof. Dr. Theo Geisel
Theo Geisel
Emeritus scientific member

Phone: +49 551 5176-400
Fax: +49 551 5176-102
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jan-Peter Toennies
Jan-Peter Toennies
Emeritus scientific member

Phone: +49 551 5176-600
Fax: +49 551 5176-575

Emeritus Groups

Nonlinear Dynamics (Prof. Dr. Theo Geisel)

Chaotic pendulum Zoom Image
Chaotic pendulum

Prof. Dr. Theo Geisel continues the research of his former department. This is primarily concerned with complex systems and their behavior ranging from theoretical investigations in quantum chaos to nonlinear phenomena occuring in the brain. On one hand, the goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristic dynamics of mesoscopic systems, fractal energy-spectra and transport in nanostructures. On the other hand, relying on methods from nonlinear dynamics, a focus is on complex neural behavior observed in biological as well as artificial neural networks. Professor Geisel has also been head of the Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics at the University of Göttingen.

Molecular Interactions (Prof. Dr. Dr. Jan-Peter Toennies)

Prof. Toennies continues the research of his former department "Molecular Interactions" as an Emeritus. His present focus is on intermolecular potentials, quantum fluid helium and hydrogen clusters, helium atom scattering from crystal surfaces, and quantum flow dynamics of solid helium.

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