Science night

The MPI-DS has been involved since the first Science night in 2012

Lectures, experiments, exhibitions - the MPI-DS participated in the Göttingen Science nights with numerous contributions. Throughout the evening and the night, interested visitors can learn about our research. You will find our booths as well as those of the other Max Planck Institutes in Göttingen at the MPI for Solar System Research at the Göttingen's North Campus.

The next Science night in Göttingen will take place in 2025.

The dates in previous years were:

  • 1. Science night - 24.11.2012
  • 2. Science night - 17.01.2015
  • 3. Science night - 21.01.2017
  • 4. Science night - 26.01.2019
  • 5. Science night - 09.07.2022
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