Journal Article (3)

  1. Journal Article
    J. Kruse and Ragnar Fleischmann, "Self-localization of Bose–Einstein condensates in optical lattices," Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50 (5), 055002 (2017).
  2. Journal Article
    H. Li, S. Suwunnarat, Ragnar Fleischmann, H. Schanz, and T. Kottos, "Random matrix theory approach to chaotic Coherent Perfect Absorbers," Physical Review Letters 118 (4), 044101 (2017).
  3. Journal Article
    Henri Degueldre, Jakob J. Metzger, Erik Schultheis, and Ragnar Fleischmann, "Channeling of branched flow in weakly scattering anisotropic media," Physical Review Letters 118 (2), 024301 (2017).
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