Even small variations in the ocean depth can strongly focus the energy transported by tsunami waves into random directions with severe implications on tsunami predictions. [more]
Electron transport in graphene nanostructures offers a unique blend of mesoscopic physics and relativistic dynamics. We use classical, semi-classical and quantum theories to explain complex phenomena, focusing on ballistic transport in the presence of magnetic fields. [more]
Branched flows occur in many natural systems that have pronounced anisotropies in their structure. Here the flow exhibits surprising properties and shows anomalous transport behaviour. [more]
Bose-Einstein-condensates in optical lattices can form intrinsic localized modes, often called discrete breathers. We study how such breather states can be excited by generic inital conditions. [more]
Waves propagating through weakly scattering complex media develop pronounced branched like structure leading to the formation of rogue waves. [more]
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