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Journal Article
Ahmad, R.; Bae, A. J.; Su, Y.-J.; Goli Pozveh, S.; Bodenschatz, E.; Pumir, A.; Gholami, A.: Bio-hybrid micro-swimmers propelled by flagella isolated fromC. reinhardtii. Soft Matter 18, pp. 4767 - 4777 (2022)
Journal Article
Gholami, A.; Ahmad, R.; Bae, A. J.; Pumir, A.; Bodenschatz, E.: Waveform of free, hinged and clamped axonemes isolated from C. reinhardtii: influence of calcium. New Journal of Physics 24, p. 053025 (2022)
Journal Article
Ahmad, R.; Kleineberg, C.; Nasirimarekani, V.; Su, Y.-J.; Goli Pozveh, S.; Bae, A.; Sundmacher, K.; Bodenschatz, E.; Guido, I.; Vidaković-koch, T. et al.; Gholami, A.: Light-Powered Reactivation of Flagella and Contraction of Microtubule Networks: Toward Building an Artificial Cell. ACS Synthetic Biology 10, pp. 1490 - 1504 (2021)
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