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    Journal Article
    Lloyd, G.; Choularton, T.; Bower, K.; Crosier, J.; Gallagher, M.; Flynn, M.; Dorsey, J.; Liu, D.; Taylor, J. W.; Schlenczek, O. et al.; Fugal, J.; Borrmann, S.; Cotton, R.; Field, P.; Blyth, A.: Small ice particles at slightly supercooled temperatures in tropical maritime convection. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20, pp. 3895 - 3904 (2020)
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    Journal Article
    Glienke, S.; Kostinski, A. B.; Shaw, R. A.; Larsen, M. L.; Fugal, J. P.; Schlenczek, O.; Borrmann, S.: Holographic observations of centimeter-scale nonuniformities within marine stratocumulus clouds. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 77 (2), pp. 499 - 512 (2020)
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