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Yang, R.; Zhang, X.; Reiter, P.; Lohse, D.; Shishkina, O.; Linkmann, M.: Data‐driven identification of the spatiotemporal structure of turbulent flows by streaming dynamic mode decomposition. GAMM-Mitteilungen, e202200003 (2022)
Journal Article
Ecke, R. E.; Zhang, X.; Shishkina, O.: Connecting wall modes and boundary zonal flows in rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection. Physical Review Fluids 7, L011501 (2022)
Journal Article
Reiter, P.; Zhang, X.; Shishkina, O.: Flow states and heat transport in Rayleigh–Bénard convection with different sidewall boundary conditions. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 936, A32, p. 1 (2022)
Journal Article
Zhang, X.; Ecke, R. E.; Shishkina, O.: Boundary zonal flows in rapidly rotating turbulent thermal convection. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 915, A62 (2021)
Journal Article
Reiter, P.; Zhang, X.; Stepanov, R.; Shishkina, O.: Generation of zonal flows in convective systems by travelling thermal waves. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 913, A13 (2021)
Journal Article
Zhang, X.; van Gils, D.; Horn, S.; Wedi, M.; Zwirner, L.; Ahlers, G.; Ecke, R. E.; Weiss, S.; Bodenschatz, E.; Shishkina, O.: Boundary zonal flow in rotating turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection. Physical Review Letters 124 (8), 084505 (2020)
Journal Article
Zhang, X.; Zikanov, O.: Convection instability in a downward flow in a vertical duct with strong transverse magnetic field. Physics of Fluids 30 (11), 117101 (2018)
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