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Journal Article (2)

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    Journal Article
    Hennig, H.; Ragnar Fleischmann, R.; Fredebohm, A.; Hagmayer, Y.; Nagler, J.; Witt, A.; Theis, F.; Geisel, T.: The Nature and Perception of Fluctuations in Human Musical Rhythms. PLoS ONE 6, e26457 (2011)
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    Journal Article
    Gutch, H.; Gruber, P.; Yeredor, A.; Theis, F.: ICA over finite fields—Separability and algorithms. Signal Processing 92, pp. 1796 - 1808 (2011)

Book Chapter (2)

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    Book Chapter
    Gutch, H.; Gruber, P.; Theis, F.: ICA over Finite Fields. In: Latent Variable Analysis and Signal Separation, pp. 645 - 652 (Eds. Vigneron, V.; Zarzoso, V.; Moreau, E.; Gribonval, R.; Vincent, E.). Springer, Heidelberg (2010)
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    Book Chapter
    Gutch, H.; Theis, F.: Independent Subspace Analysis Is Unique, Given Irreducibility. In: Independent Component Analysis and Signal Separation, pp. 49 - 56 (Eds. Davies, M. E.; James, C. J.; Abdallah, S. A.; Plumbley, M. D.). Springer, Berlin (2007)

Conference Paper (1)

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    Conference Paper
    Gutch, H.; Krumsiek, J.; Theis, F.: An ISA Algorithm With Unknown Group Sizes Identifies Meaningful Clusters in Metabolomics Data. In: Proceedings of the European Signal Processing Conference, p. 1733 - 1733. 2011 European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO‐2011), Barcelona, Spain, August 29, 2011 - September 02, 2011. (2011)
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