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    Journal Article
    Schäfer, B.; Matthiae, M.; Zhang, X.; Rohden, M.; Timme, M.; Witthaut, D.: Escape routes, weak links, and desynchronization in fluctuation-driven networks. Physical Review E 95 (6), 060203 (2017)
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    Journal Article
    Rohden, M.; Sorge, A.; Witthaut, D.; Timme, M.: Impact of network topology on synchrony of oscillatory power grids. Chaos 24, 013123 (2014)
  3. 3.
    Journal Article
    Rohden, M.; Sorge, A.; Timme, M.; Witthaut, D.: Self-Organized Synchronization in Decentralized Power Grids. Physical Review Letter 109 (6), 064101 (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Manik, D.; Witthaut, D.; Schäfer, B.; Matthiae, M.; Sorge, A.; Rohden, M.; Katifori, E.; Timme, M.: Supply networks: Instabilities without overload.
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