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    Journal Article
    Puhlmann, M.; Schanz, H.; Kottos, T.; Geisel, T.: Quantum decay of an open chaotic system: A semiclassical aopproach. Europhysics Letters 69, pp. 313 - 319 (2005)
  2. 2.
    Journal Article
    Schanz, H.; Puhlmann, M.; Geisel, T.: Shot noise in chaotic cavities from action correlations. Physical Review Letters 91, 134101 (2003)
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    Journal Article
    Kaschube, M.; Wolf, F.; Puhlmann, M.; Rathjen, S.; Schmidt, K. F.; Geisel, T.; Löwel, S.: The pattern of ocular dominance columns in cat primary visual cortex: Intra- and interindividual variability of column spacing and its dependence on genetic background. European Journal of Neuroscience 18 (12), pp. 3251 - 3266 (2003)
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