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Journal Article (2)

  1. 1.
    Journal Article
    Hesse, F.; Martius, G.; Der, R.; Herrmann, M.: A Sensor-Based Learning Algorithm for the Self-Organization of Robot Behavior. Algorithms 2(1), pp. 398 - 409 (2009)
  2. 2.
    Journal Article
    Der, R.; Hesse, F.; Martius, G.: Rocking stamper and jumping snake from a dynamical system approach to artificial life. Adaptive Behavior 14, pp. 1 - 14 (2006)

Book Chapter (1)

  1. 3.
    Book Chapter
    Martius, G.; Herrmann, J. M.: Taming the Beast: Guided Self-organization of Behavior in Autonomous Robots. In: From Animals to Animats 11, pp. 50 - 61 (Eds. Doncieux, S.; Girard, B.; Guillot, A.; Hallam, J.; Meyer, J.-A. et al.). Springer, Heidelberg (2010)

Proceedings (5)

  1. 4.
    Structure from Behavior in Autonomous Agents. IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Nice, France. IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ, USA (2008), 5 pp.
  2. 5.
    Emergence of Interaction Among Adaptive Agents. 10th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, Osaka, Japan. Springer, Osaka (2008), 10 pp.
  3. 6.
    From motor babbling to purposive actions: Emerging self-exploration in a dynamical systems approach to early robot development. 9th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, Rome, September 25, 2006 - September 29, 2006. (2006)
  4. 7.
    Let it roll - emerging sensorimotor coordination in a spherical robot. Tenth International Conference on the Simulation and Synthesis of Living Systems. MIT Press (2006), 192–198 pp.
  5. 8.
    Guided Self-organisation for Autonomous Robot Development. ECAL 2007, Lisbon, Portugal. Springer
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