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Journal Article
Lemoult, G.; Shi, L.; Avila, K.; Jalikop, S. V.; Avila, M.; Hof, B.: Directed percolation phase transition to sustained turbulence in Couette flow. Nature Physics 12 (3), pp. 254 - 258 (2016)
Journal Article
Avila, K.; Hof, B.: High-precision Taylor-Couette experiment to study subcritical transitions and the role of boundary conditions and size effects. Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (6), 065106 (2013)
Journal Article
Avila, K.; Moxey, D.; De Lozar, A.; Avila, M.; Barkley, D.; Hof, B.: The onset of turbulence in pipe flow. Science Magazine 333 (6), pp. 192 - 196 (2011)
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