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    Journal Article
    Huang, K.; Brinkmann, M.; Herminghaus, S.: Wet granular rafts: aggregation in two dimensions under shear flow. Soft Matter 8, pp. 11939 - 11948 (2012)
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    Journal Article
    Huang, K.; Sohaili, M.; Schröter, M.; Herminghaus, S.: Fluidization of Granular Media Wetted by Liquid ⁴He. Physical Review E 79, 010301 (2009)
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    Journal Article
    Huang, K.; Röller, K.; Herminghaus, S.: Universal and non-universal aspects of wet granular matter under vertical vibrations. European Physic Journal: Special Topics 179, pp. 25 - 32 (2009)
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    Journal Article
    Fingerle, A.; Röller, K.; Huang, K.; Herminghaus, S.: Phase transitions far from equilibrium in wet granular matter. New Journal of Physic 10, 053020 (2008)
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