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A LEAP in controlling cardiac fibrillation

July 14, 2011
Researchers develop a new low-energy defibrillation method
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Sleeping sickness parasite masters three different swimming modes

June 16, 2011
Scientists from Germany and Switzerland decipher the precise patterns of motion of the parasite Trypanosoma. [more]
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The pirouette effect in the chaos of turbulence

June 08, 2011
Findings on how vortices behave in a turbulent flow could facilitate the simulation of clouds in climate models [more]
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Out of mind in a matter of seconds

January 24, 2011
Surprising rate at which neuronal networks in the cerebral cortex delete sensory information [more]
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Beating the competition

January 17, 2011
Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization discover how the size of networks can skyrocket [more]
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Environmental scandal in Chile

June 22, 2010
Göttingen scientist discovers hitherto unknown impacts of Chilean salmon farms on coastal ecosystem [more]
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Growing brain is particularly flexible

June 22, 2010
Max Planck scientists investigate how the brain changes during growth [more]
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Organized chaos gets robots going

January 17, 2010
Göttingen scientists develop an autonomous walking robot that flexibly switches between many different gaits by using "chaos control" [more]
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Turbulence around heat transport

December 03, 2009
Heat transport in the earth’s mantle and in the atmosphere is probably not as effective as previously thought [more]
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A new kind of counting

February 06, 2009
Göttingen-based scientists are developing a computer algorithm to solve previously unsolvable counting problems [more]
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