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Small droplets grow differently

August 28, 2012
Initially, there is an unexpected growth spurt when droplets grow from moisture condensing on a surface. [more]
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Computing in the net of possibilities

August 14, 2012
The complex network computer processes information in a fundamentally new way – and could one day rival today's computers [more]
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The network's skeleton

June 19, 2012
Complex networks can be simplified, increasing our understanding of disease propagation and ecosystems [more]
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The living fossils of brain evolution

May 22, 2012
Göttingen scientists reconstruct a radical change during the evolution of the brain [more]
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Liquid with corners

April 05, 2012
A new model explains why a fluid spreading out over a surface can form a polygonal hydraulic jump [more]
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Highly flexible despite hard-wiring – even slight stimuli change the information flow in the brain

March 23, 2012
Neural networks of the brain can easily influence each other [more]

Tissue structure delays cancer development

December 19, 2011
Computer model reveals that spatial structure delays tumour formation [more]
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Colouring musical rhythms with coloured noise

October 28, 2011
Max Planck researchers discover the statistical laws governing rhythmic fluctuations in human musical performances [more]
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Travelling epidemics

August 31, 2011
Human mobility patterns and their impact on the spread of epidemics
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Simply knotted

August 18, 2011
Silica microspheres in liquid crystals offer the possibility of creating every knot conceivable. [more]
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