Complex Dynamics and Turbulence

Complex Dynamics and Turbulence

The dynamics encountered in nonlinear systems are often extremely complex and disordered. The probably most familiar and at the same time most relevant example is the turbulent motion of fluids. Turbulent and disordered flows arise on many different scales ranging from the formation of stars and galaxies to flows in the atmosphere, rivers and blood vessels. At a first glance the only way to approach such complex problems seems to look at statistical properties such as fluctuations, mean profiles etc. However, when studying particular flows more closely one surprisingly finds that even in the highly nonlinear regime almost regular, recurring structures can be observed. Thus we can easily detect patterns when looking at clouds, ocean-waves or the surface of the sun. Why are we able to distinguish patterns despite the extremely large flow speeds and temperature gradients present? Is it possible to link such observations to the equations describing the system? Can we gain an understanding of turbulence on a more fundamental level, going beyond a purely statistical one? These are key questions motivating our research.

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Selected publications

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    Click here for free access to the paper.
  2. Samanta, D., De Lozar, A. & Hof, B. (2011) `Experimental investigation of laminar turbulent intermittency in pipe flow,' J. Fluid Mech. 681, 193-204.
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    Click here for free access to the paper.
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Former group members

Dr. Alberto de Lozar (now postdoc at MPI for Meteorology, Hamburg)
Martin Rohloff (now PhD student at MPI DS, Group Prof. Vollmer)
Jörn Hartung (now PhD student at MPI DS, Group Dr. Hallatschek)
Dr. Tobias Lapp (now in industry, Göttingen)
Dr. Markus Holzner (now professorship at ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
Dr. Marc Avila (now professorship at University of Erlangen, Germany)
Dr. Devranjan Samanta (now postdoc at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Dr. Nicolas Roland (postdoc)
Dr. Paul Steffen (postdoc)
Simon Maretzke (now Master student, University of Göttingen)
Giovanni Berterame (Master student)
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