Current information on travel during the Corona pandemic

The spread of the corona virus is very dynamic and the development of the number of infected persons, both locally and over time, is usually not predictable. Due to the very different situation in countries around the world, the risks of contracting the virus abroad also vary greatly. The current regulations on travel abroad and for returnees or visitors to Germany and Lower Saxony are reassessed daily by the Robert Koch Institute and the federal and state governments and adapted to the current situation. The regulations have to be checked daily before a trip abroad begins; the same applies to visitors who want to visit the MPIDS from abroad and returnees from business trips from abroad. Changes to the regulations during a trip cannot be excluded. Helpful links to the websites of the institutions can be found below, unfortunately in German language only.

Business trips abroad are currently not approved for staff of the Max Planck Institutes. In the event of exceptions, the crisis management team of the Max Planck Society must be involved. This is coordinated by the travel cost center of the MPIDS.

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