"Far better than school!"

30 students lived to see an interesting future day at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization

April 28, 2016

With large eyes and open ears, 9 girls and 21 boys were on the move for one day at the future day of the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization. The young people were enthusiastic when they discovered the occupational profile of scientists and the broad research topics of the institute. From signals of neurons to intelligent traffic flow and droplet dynamics in clouds: the program fascinated the fifth- to ninth-graders.

First they were standing in a storm, since flows of different kinds are under investigation in the wind tunnels in the experimental hall of the institute. From vortices and clouds towards convection driven flow – all these flows were observed by the potential young scientists. In the almost 100 years old Prandtl wind tunnel they could feel a full-grown storm by themselves.

After that, well ventilated, the fundamentals of the laboratory work were explored. After all the micro cosmos, e.g. water of a puddle or hay, is full of fascinating creatures, although one can’t see them with the bare eye. The girls and boys produced glue out of milk and figured out that they can change daily used objects into something new by applied Chemistry. Also work with the computer was not missed out. The young people were introduced into the IT language which is the basis for all webpages in the internet. Now they know how to find the source code of their favorite webpage and generated their own webpage.

The fifth-grader David Owono would like to return to the MPIDS, because the future day for him has been “Far better than school! Such exciting school should be every day”. Hasti Gholami, eights-grader from the Felix Klein Gymnasium complemented: “I’m here for the third time and interested in the Physics behind many phenomena. Maybe I will study Physics in the future”. On 3:30pm the students went home full of impressions. But before we served ice cream freshly prepared in the foyer in front of the students with liquid Nitrogen. 

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