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  1. 41.
    Journal Article
    Mechkov, S.; Oshanin, G.; Rauscher, M.; Brinkmann, M.; Cazabat, A. M.; Dietrich, S.: Contact line stability of ridges and drops. Europhysics Letters 80 (6), 66002 (2007)
  2. 42.
    Journal Article
    Khare, K.; Herminghaus, S.; Baret, J.-C.; Law, B. M.; Brinkmann, M.; Seemann, R.: Switching Liquid Morphologies on Linear Grooves. Langmuir 23 (26), pp. 12997 - 13006 (2007)
  3. 43.
    Journal Article
    Khare, K.; Brinkmann, M.; Law, B. M.; Gurevich, E. L.; Herminghaus, S.; Seemann, R.: Dewetting of Liquid Filaments in Wedge-Shaped Grooves. Langmuir 23 (24), pp. 12138 - 12141 (2007)
  4. 44.
    Journal Article
    Brinkmann, M.; Blossey, R.; Marcon, L.; Stiévenard, D.; Dufrêne, Y. F.; Melnyk, O.: Fluidics of a Nanogap. Langmuir 22 (23), pp. 9784 - 9788 (2006)
  5. 45.
    Journal Article
    Zaburdaev, V. Y.; Brinkmann, M.; Herminghaus, S.: Free Cooling of the One-Dimensional Wet Granular Gas. Physical Review Letters 97, 018001 (2006)
  6. 46.
    Journal Article
    Arscott, S.; Gaudet, M.; Brinkmann, M.; Ashcroft, A. E.; Blossey, R.: Capillary filling of miniaturized sources for electrospray mass spectrometry. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18, pp. S677 - S690 (2006)
  7. 47.
    Journal Article
    Baret, J.-C.; Brinkmann, M.: Wettability control of droplet deposition and detachment. Physical Review Letters 96, 146106 (2006)
  8. 48.
    Journal Article
    Lipowsky, R.; Brinkmann, M.; Dimova, R.; Haluska, C.; Kierfeld, J.; Shillcock, J.: Wetting, budding, and fusion-morphological transitions of soft surfaces. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17, pp. S2885 - S2902 (2005)
  9. 49.
    Journal Article
    Brinkmann, M.; Kierfeld, J.; Lipowsky, R.: Stability of liquid channels or filaments in the presence of line tension. Journal of Physics: Codensed Matter 17, pp. 2349 - 2364 (2005)
  10. 50.
    Journal Article
    Lipowsky, R.; Brinkmann, M.; Dimova, R.; Franke, T.; Kierfeld, J.; Zhang, X. Z.: Droplets, bubbles, and vesicles at chemically structured surfaces. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17, pp. S537 - S558 (2005)
  11. 51.
    Journal Article
    Seemann, R.; Brinkmann, M.; Kramer, E. J.; Lange, F. F.; Lipowsky, R.: Wetting morphologies at microstructured surfaces. Proccedings of the National Academy of Science USA 102, pp. 1848 - 1852 (2005)

Book Chapter (2)

  1. 52.
    Book Chapter
    Singh, K.; Jung, M.; Brinkmann, M.; Seemann, R.: Capillary-dominated fluid displacement in porous media. In: Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 51, pp. 429 - 449 (Eds. Davis, S. H.; Moin, P.) (2019)
  2. 53.
    Book Chapter
    Brinkmann, M.; Khare, K.; Seemann, R.: Control of liquids by surface nergies. In: Microfluidic Technologies for Miniaturized Analysis Systems, pp. 157 - 202 (Eds. Hardt, S.; Schönfeld, F.). Springer US (2007)
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