New support for fluid physics research

Researcher from MPI-DS receives research fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation

February 21, 2022

As of February 2022, the scientist Youchuang Chao is joining the group of Stefan Karpitschka at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization (MPI-DS), supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. With its prestigious fellowship, the foundation enables respected international scientists to conduct their research at a German institution of their choice.

“In Youchuang’s project, we will combine his expertise in liquid-liquid phase separation with our knowledge on dynamic wetting phenomena to better understand the link between these two processes” Stefan Karpitschka, group leader within the department for Dynamics of Complex Fluids at the MPI-DS explains the frame of the project. “Some of the key questions are if phase separation drives contact line motion and how surface forces affect phase separation under non-equilibrium conditions” he continues.

Youchuang Chao has a background in soft matter physics as well as in non-linear dynamics. He studied in Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, and subsequently obtained his PhD from the University of Hong Kong with Prof. Anderson Shum. During his studies, he was a guest researcher at the Princeton University, USA, and is author of numerous scientific publications. “We are looking forward to an exciting common project in which we hope to improve our general understanding of fundamental physical processes using comprehensive model systems” Stefan Karpitschka is giving an outlook into the future. And the laureate Youchuang adds: “I am very grateful for receiving the renowned fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and also for the opportunity to continue my research at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization. I am very much looking forward to our exciting research projects!”

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