Publication List of the MPIDS

Journal Article (1739)

  1. 1721.
    Journal Article
    Sachse, T. I.; Kleinekathöfer, U.: Generalized Heitler-London theory for H3: a comparison of the surface integral method with perturbation theory. European Physical Journal D 18 (1), pp. 61 - 68 (2002)
  2. 1722.
    Journal Article
    Toennies, J. P.: Die faszinierenden Quanteneigenschaften von Helium und ihre Anwendung. Physik Journal 1 (7/8), pp. 49 - 55 (2002)
  3. 1723.
    Journal Article
    Zimmer, N.; Holst, B.: Representations of electricity; The development of a visual language for electrical phenomena. Interdisciplinary Science Review 27, pp. 257 - 270 (2002)
  4. 1724.
    Journal Article
    Aspelmeier, T.; Zippelius, A.: The integrated density of states of the random graph Laplacian.
  5. 1725.
    Journal Article
    de Lozar, A.; Heap, a.; box, f.; hazel, a.; juel, a.: Tube geometry can force switchlike transitions in the behavior of propagating bubbles.
  6. 1726.
    Journal Article
    Eule, S.; Friedrich, R.: Describing the dynamics of processes consisting simultaneously of Poissonian and non-Poissonian kinetics.
  7. 1727.
    Journal Article
    Fiege, A.; Grob, M.; Zippelius, A.: Dynamics of an intruder in dense granular fluids.
  8. 1728.
    Journal Article
    Gaberdiel, M. R.; Persson, D.; Ronellenfitsch, H.; Volpato, R.: Generalized Mathieu Moonshine.
  9. 1729.
    Journal Article
    Jordan, D.; Kuehn, S.; Katifori, E.; Leibler, S.: Behavioral diversity in microbes and low-dimensional phenotypic spaces.
  10. 1730.
    Journal Article
    Keith, T.; Weddell, S. J.: The Echo State Network on the Graphics Processing Unit.
  11. 1731.
    Journal Article
    Korolev, K. S.; Avlund, M.; Hallatschek, O.; Nelson, D. R.: Genetic Demixing and Evolutionary Forces in the One-Dimensional Stepping Stone Model.
  12. 1732.
    Journal Article
    Kulvicius, T.; Kolodziejski, C.; Tamosiunaite, M.; Porr, B.; Wörgötter, F.: Behavioral analysis of differential Hebbian learning in closed-loop systems.
  13. 1733.
    Journal Article
    Manik, D.; Witthaut, D.; Schäfer, B.; Matthiae, M.; Sorge, A.; Rohden, M.; Katifori, E.; Timme, M.: Supply networks: Instabilities without overload.
  14. 1734.
    Journal Article
    Meseguer, A.; Mellibovsky, F.; Avila, M.; Marques, F.: Families of subcritical spirals in highly counter-rotating Taylor-Couette flow.
  15. 1735.
    Journal Article
    Meseguer, A.; Mellibovsky, F.; Avila, M.; Marques, F.: Instability mechanisms and transition scenarios of spiral turbulence in Taylor-Couette flow.
  16. 1736.
    Journal Article
    Neef, N. E. ..; Sommer, M.; Neef, A.; Paulus, W.; Wolff von Gudenberg, A.; Jung, K.; Wüstenberg, T.: Reduced Speech Perceptual Acuity for Stop Consonants in Individuals Who Stutter.
  17. 1737.
    Journal Article
    Tchumatchenko, T.; Malyshev, A.; Wolf, F.; Volgushev, M.: Ultrafast Population Encoding by Cortical Neurons.
  18. 1738.
    Journal Article
    Witthaut, D.; Trimborn, F.; Hennig, H.; Kordas, G.; Geisel, T.; Wimberger, S.: Beyond mean-field dynamics in open Bose-Hubbard chains.
  19. 1739.
    Journal Article
    Witthaut, D.; Timme, M.: Kuramoto dynamics in Hamiltonian systems.

Book (11)

  1. 1740.
    Benedek, G.; Toennies, J. P.: Atomic scale dynamics at surfaces. (2018)
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