Publication List of the MPIDS

Journal Article (87)

  1. 81.
    Journal Article
    Abel, B.; Charvat, A.; Diederichsen, U.; Faubel, M.; Girmann, B.; Niemeyer, J.; Zeeck, A.: Applications, features, and mechanistic aspects of liquid water beam desorption mass spectrometry. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 243, pp. 177 - 188 (2005)
  2. 82.
    Journal Article
    Farnik, M.; Toennies, J. P.: Ion-molecule reactions in 4He droplets: Flying nano-cryo-reactors. Journal of Chemical Physics 122 (1), 014307, pp. 014307-1 - 014307-11 (2005)
  3. 83.
    Journal Article
    Kornilov, O.; Toennies, J. P.; Guardiola, R.; Navarro, J.: Liquid drop excitations and the size dependent surface tension of small 4He clusters. Journal of Low Temperature Physics 138 (1-2 Sp. Iss. Sp. Iss. SI), pp. 235 - 240 (2005)
  4. 84.
    Journal Article
    Steinbach, C.; Buck, U.: Reaction and solvation of sodium in hydrogen bonded solvent clusters. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 7 (5), pp. 986 - 990 (2005)
  5. 85.
    Journal Article
    Utter, B.; Ragnarsson, R.; Bodenschatz, E.: Experimental apparatus and sample preparation techniques for directional solidification. Review of Scientific Instruments 76, pp. 013906-1 - 013906-9 (2005)
  6. 86.
    Journal Article
    Winter, B.; Weber, R.; Hertel, I. V.; Faubel, M.; Vrbka, L.; Jungwirth, P.: Effect of bromide on the interfacial structure of aqueous tetrabutylammonium iodide: Photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. Chemical Physics Letters 410, pp. 222 - 227 (2005)
  7. 87.
    Journal Article
    Winter, B.; Weber, R.; Hertel, I. V.; Faubel, M.; Jungwirth, P.; Brown, E. C.; Bradfoth, S. E.: Electron Binding Energies of Aqueous Alkali and Halide Ions: EUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Liquid Solutions and Combined Ab Initio and Molecular Dynamics Calculations. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127, pp. 2703 - 2714 (2005)

Book Chapter (2)

  1. 88.
    Book Chapter
    Joyeux, M.; Grebenshchikov, S. Y.; Bredenbeck, J.; Schinke, R.; Farantos, S. C.: Intramolecular dynamics along isomerization and dissociation pathways. In: Geometric Structures of Phase Space in Multi-Dimensional Chaos: Applications to Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Complex Systems, pp. 267 - 303 (Eds. Rice, S. A.; Toda, M.; Komatsuzaki, T.; Konnishi, T.; Berry, S. R.). Wiley, New York (2005)
  2. 89.
    Book Chapter
    Wolf, F.: Symmetry Breaking and Pattern Selection in Visual Cortical Development. In: Methods and Models in Neurophysics, pp. 575 - 639 (Eds. Chow, C. C.; Gutkin, B.; Hansel, D.; Meunier, C.; Dalibard, J. et al.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2005)

Proceedings (1)

  1. 90.
    Full-field correlation-based image processing for PIV. 6th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry, Pasadena, California, USA, September 21, 2005 - September 23, 2005. M. Gharib, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (CA), USA (2005), 11 pages pp.

Issue (1)

  1. 91.
    Herminghaus, S. (Ed.): Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter Special issue on Wetting (Special issue). Journal of Physics 17 (9) (2005)
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