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des MPI-DS

Our research is devoted to the further development and application of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and localized magnetic resonance spectroscopy for noninvasive studies of animals and humans. Current projects range from advanced methods that monitor the dynamics of myocardial functions and blood flow in real time to neurofeedback training in humans by functional brain mapping. The use of genetically modified animals allows us to link molecular and genetic information to MRI-accessible functions at the system level. [mehr]
Lohse’s Physics of Fluids (PoF) group presently works on a variety of aspects in the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. The subjects include turbulence and multiphase flow, micro- and nanofluidics, granular matter, and biomedical flow. Both experimental, theoretical, and numerical methods are used. We closely collaborate with several companies, among them Océ and ASML. On the experimental side the key expertise of the group lies in high-speed imaging. [mehr]
Our research is devoted to fundamental problems in hydrodynamic turbulence, with various applications to transport, as well as on biophysics problems, at the cellular and tissue level. Although theoretical and numerical by nature, our work is largely inspired by various natural (geophysics, clouds) or experimental situations. In particular, we are working in close collaborations with experimental teams, at the MPIDS and elsewhere. [mehr]
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