Quantitative Biology
Developmental Biodynamics Shoba Kapoor
Group leader
Theory of Pattern Formation Alexei Krekhov
Senior Researcher
Active Biological Matter Vahid Nasirimarekani
Dynamics of Living Matter   Stefano Villa
Group leader
Biofluidics and Biomechanics                              Yong Wang
Group leader

Fluid Physics  
Turbulence and Particles in Fluids Gholamhossein (Mohsen) Bagheri         
Group leader                                                       
Small-scale Dynamics in Turbulence Florencia Falkinhoff
Biolocomotion and Turbulence formerly Bardia Hejazi
Theory of Turbulent Convection                                                              Olga Shishkina
Group leader


Alumni Groups             Formerly                            
Pattern Formation in Biological Systems              Azam Gholami
Synthetic Active Systems              Isabella Guido
Particles in Turbulence              Jan Moláček
Mechanics and dynamics of biological adhesion              Marco Tarantola
Microfluidics and Medical Applications              Laura Turco
Convection - Experiments              Stephan Weiss
Quantitative Biology of Multicellular Aggregates              Christian Westendorf                    


Partner Groups  
Biophysics and pattern formation, Shaanxi Normal University Xiang Gao
Investigation of mid-ocean rigde evolutions using a wax model, Harbin Institute of Technolgy, Shenzhen Xiaozhou He
Functional microparticle for water purification, Korea University Hyejeong Kim
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