Biolocomotion and Turbulence

formerly Bardia Hejazi

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the department of Prof. Eberhard Bodenschatz. During my PhD, under the supervision of Prof. Greg Voth, I studied the dynamics of complex shaped particles in chaotic and turbulent flows and how particle-laden flows can help us develop a deeper understanding of turbulence.

I am interested in questions concerning fundamental turbulence and particle-turbulence interactions. In our work we use high-speed cameras to study particle motion in fluids and develop software for image analysis, tracking, and the 3D reconstruction of particles and their trajectories. I am currently interested in studying pair dispersion in turbulent flows using the unique facilities at our disposal to perform experiments at large Reynolds numbers.

More recently we have been investigating the flight and social dynamics of honeybees using the same tools we utilize to study particle dynamics in turbulence. We have investigated honeybee flight performance in turbulent conditions and are now looking to better understand the interactions between honeybees while in flight. We would also like to utilize deep learning methods in our work to identify certain characteristics of honeybees with efficiency and precision.


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