Publications of Rupamanjari Majumder

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Journal Article
Hussaini, S.; Venkatesan, V.; Biasci, V.; Romero Sepúlveda, J. M.; Uribe, R. A. Q.; Sacconi, L.; Bub, G.; Richter, C.; Krinsky, V. I.; Parlitz, U. et al.; Majumder, R.; Luther, S.: Drift and termination of spiral waves in optogenetically modified cardiac tissue at sub-threshold illumination. eLife 10, e59954 (2021)
Journal Article
Zimik, S.; Pandit, R.; Majumder, R.: Anisotropic shortening in the wavelength of electrical waves promotes onset of electrical turbulence in cardiac tissue: An in silico study. PLOS ONE 15, 230214 (2020)
Journal Article
Majumder, R.; Zykov, V. S.; Panfilov, A. V.: In silico optical control of pinned electrical vortices in an excitable biological medium. New J. Phys. 22, 023034 (2020)
Journal Article
Majumder, R.; Feola, I.; Teplenin, A. S.; de Vries, A. A. F.; Panfilov, A. V.; Pijnappels, D. A.: Optogenetics enables real-time spatiotemporal control over spiral wave dynamics in an excitable cardiac system. eLife 7, e41076 (2018)
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