DCF Equipment


iXonEM+ 897 EMCCD camera (35fps@512x512), Andor

Levante Emerald OPO (680-990nm, 6ps, 1W, 76MHz), 2 units, APE Berlin

LUK 214 Ultracryostat

Auto 306 Evaporation chamber w/ FL400 chamber + electron beam sputter EB 3, BOC Edwards

DektakXT profiler, Bruker

Institute's cleanroom

Class -10 cleanroom w/ MJB-3 dual-side mask aligner, Suss Micro Tec

Chameleon Vision II Ti:Sa laser (680-1080nm, 3.5W, 140fs, 80MHz), Coherent

Verdi V5 solid-state laser (532nm, 5W), Coherent

OCA 20 setup for contact angle measurements, DataPhysics Instruments

PICO plasma cleaner, Diener electronic

micro electro-chemical etching machine, ECMTEC

EVG 620 automated mask alignment system, EVG


EPC 10 patch clamp amplifier, HEKA Elektronik

picoTRAIN Nd:VAN pump laser (532nm, 8W, 6ps, 76MHz), High-Q-Laser

HPC cluster (240TB HDD, 768 Intel cores, 3.3TB RAM)

Fiber-coupled laser source (473nm, 0.5W) + syncronizer + software for µ-Particle Imaging Velocimetry, ILA GmbH

LDS V555 inclinable shaker (940N, 100 G, 5kg), LDS Test and Measurement

DM2500 M upright microscope w/ fluorescence, Leica

DM4000B upright microscope w/ fluorescence and light manager, Leica

DMRXE upright stand w/ TCS SP2 confocal scanner head (Ar + HeNe laser, AOBS) + multi-photon option , Leica

Z16 APO macroscope (0.57x-9.2x), Leica

FS60 long working distance upright microscope, Mitutoyo

LV100 Pol polarization microscope, Nikon

IX732P inverted two-deck microscope w/ fluorescence, Olympus

IX81 inverted motorized microscope w/ fluorescence, Olympus

IX81 inverted motorized microscope w/ fluorescence, Olympus

pco.1200s high speed CMOS camera (500fps@1280x1024), PCO

Nanotom X-ray tomograph, resolution < 1µm, Phoenix

sensicam qe 670LD fluorescence CCD camera, PCO

DS20-532 DPSS laser system (532nm, 40ns, 18W, 1.8mJ, 50kHz), Photonics Industries

P-97 micropipette puller, Sutter instruments

TIRAvib TV 5880/LS electromagnetic shaker, vertical move (8kN, 92 G, 150kg) , TIRA Schwingungstechnik

AFM Dimension V DAF DSC w/ Nanoscope V + active workstation, Veeco, Halcyonics

MMAFM-2 Multimode + Nanoscope V + heater MMHC-A250, Veeco

NT1100 upright white light interferometer, Veeco

Phantom miro 3 high speed CMOS camera (1,200fps @ 800x600), Vision Research

Phantom V210 high speed CMOS camera (2,190fps @1280x800), Vision Research

Institute's workshop

Axiovert 135 inverted microscope w/ fluorescence and motorized Prior stage, Zeiss

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