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Stephan Herminghaus gives an interview during the Flow17 conference in the series "Discover microfluidics through the eyes of reseachers" by Elveflow

Stephan Herminghaus answers the question "What General Principles Govern the Behavior of Liquids in Porous Materials?" - Latest Thinking, recorded on May 30, 2016

1, 2 oder 3 "Schleimer und Schaumschläger" - Sendung vom 01. Juni 2013

Kluge Köpfe - Die Deutsche Welle stellt Ilenia Battiato am 10. April 2011 vor

ZDF Drehscheibe vom 6. August 2010

SAT1 - Planetopia, Sendung vom 20. Juni 2010

Sand - Kleine Körner, große Wirkung

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