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    Ostapenko, T.; Schwarzendahl, F. J.; Böddeker, T. J.; Kreis, C. T.; Cammann, J.; Mazza, M. G.; Bäumchen, O.: Curvature-guided motility of microalgae in geometric confinement. Physical Review Letters 120 (6), 068002 (2018)
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    Salili, S. M.; Ostapenko, T.; Kress, O.; Bailey, C.; Weissflog, W.; Harth, K.; Eremin, A.; Stannarius, R.; Jalki, A.: Rupture and recoil of bent-core liquid crystal filaments. Soft Matter 12 (21), pp. 4725 - 4730 (2016)
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    Eremin, A.; Geng, Y.; Stannarius, R.; Ostapenko, T.; Challa, P. K.; Gleeson, J. T.; Jakli, A.; Klein, S.: Peculiarities of the magneto-optical response in dispersions of anisometric pigment nano-particles. RSC Advances 6 (84), pp. 80666 - 80669 (2016)
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