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Journal Article
Dey, R.; Buness, C. M.; Vajdi Hokmabad, B.; Jin, C.; Maass, C. C.: Oscillatory rheotaxis of artificial swimmers in microchannels. Nature Communications 13, 2952 (2022)
Journal Article
Vajdi Hokmabad, B.; Dey, R.; Jalaal, M.; Mohanty, D.; Almukambetova, M.; Baldwin, K. A.; Lohse, D.; Maass, C. C.: Emergence of Bimodal Motility in Active Droplets. Physical Review X 11, 011043 (2021)
Journal Article
Dev, A. A.; Dey, R.; Mugele, F.: Behaviour of flexible superhydrophobic striped surfaces during (electro-)wetting of a sessile drop. Soft Matter 15 (48), pp. 9840 - 9848 (2019)
Journal Article
Dey, R.; van Gorcum, M.; Mugele, F.; Snoeijer, J. H.: Soft electrowetting. Soft Matter 15 (32), pp. 6469 - 6475 (2019)
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