We apply the methods from statistical physics and fluid dynamics to study the dynamics of synthetic active systems – either colloidal, actuated with magnetic fields, or biochemical, consisting of biopolymers and motor proteins. [more]
We study the self-organization and transport properties of soft matter that is locally driven out of equilibrium via chemical reactions, with particular focus on the physics of living matter at the subcellular level (enzymes, biomembranes...). [more]
How do complex dynamics and patterns in living systems emerge from stochastic molecular interactions in the cell, how are they coordinated at the population/tissue level, and what role do environmental constraints and interactions play in shaping and maintaining them? [more]
We use the framework of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics to characterize the self-organized behavior of active systems. [more]
We propose and analyse minimal models that capture the essential features of complex systems operating out of equilibrium. Currently we are focussed on systems where microscopic interactions are non-reciprocal, that is, they break the action-reaction symmetry. [more]
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