Courses in the Winter Term 2020/21

Courses in the Winter Term 2020/21

Due to the special circumstances generated by the Covid19 epidemic, the courses this term will be tought online.

Lecture (tought at the University of Oxford)

Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

Lectures: Ramin Golestanian

Stochastic Langevin dynamics. Brownian motion. Nonequilibrium kinetics. Master equation. Fokker-Planck equation. Kramers rate theory and mean first-passage time. Brownian ratchets. Multiplicative noise. Path integral formulation and Martin-Siggia-Rose method. Fluctuation theorems.

More information at the University of Oxford


Seminar on Living Matter Physics

Organizer: Ramin Golestanian, Jaime Agudo-Canalejo

Advanced topics in Active Matter, Biophysics and Complex Systems.

More information at UniVZ

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