Courses in the Summer Term 2024

Courses in the Summer Term 2024


Active Matter

Lectures: Ramin Golestanian, Benoît Mahault

Learning objectives:
The students will learn about the basic principles of the physics of active matter as
characterized via nonequilibrium statistical physics. Topics will include: physics of
micro-swimming, hydrodynamic coordination, continuum description of scalar active
matter and motility-induced phase separation, polar active matter and flocking, active
liquid crystals (e.g. nematics) and defects, phoretic active matter, activity in enzyme
suspensions, and active membranes.

This course will give the students a good theoretical understanding of active matter and
enable them to follow the state-of-the-art research in the area of active matter.


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Seminar on Living Matter Physics

Organizer: Ramin Golestanian, Benoît Mahault

Advanced topics in Active Matter, Biophysics and Complex Systems.

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