Seminar dynamics of complex fluids - 2011

Friday, January 7 - 10:15

Rizwan Sadiq - TU Darmstadt
Modeling falling thin liquid films on complex topographies with longitudinal grooves

Friday, January 14 - 10:15

Christian Marschler - MPI-DS
A coupled map lattice mimicking turbulent puffs and slugs

Tuesday, February 8 - 10:15

Nicolas Bremond - Universtät Paris
Microfluidic investigations of the destabilization of emulsions via coalescence

Monday, February 14 - 11:15

Michael Wilkinson
Clustering in turbulent aerosols: a surprising application of quantum techniques

Monday, February 21 - 11:00

Stephan Neser - Hochschule Darmstadt
The Cyclops Eye - Monocular 3D Imaging with Time-Of-Flight Cameras

Friday, February 25 - 10:15

Bertrand Maury - Université Paris Sud
A granular approach of crowd motion modeling

Friday, March 4 - 10:15

Juan Rubén Gomez-Solano - Ecole Normale Superieur, Lyon, France
Nonequilibrium fluctuations and response of a Brownian particle

Friday, March 11 - 10:15

Sandro Knauß - MPI-DS
Explizit zeitabhängige Schaltungen durch Schüttungen von elektrischen Bauteilen

Friday, March 25 - 10:15

Erin Koos - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Capillary Suspensions: Rheological Features and Potential Applications

Wednesday, April 27 - 14:00

Logan Schultz - University of Copenhagen
Biomineralization and biofluling in simulated porous media flow systems

Friday, April 29 - 10:15

Wouter Ellenbroek - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Learning about interactions from observing collective dynamics: from soft colloids to charged lipids

Thursday, May 5 - 10:15

François Sausset - LPTMS, Orsay
Characterizing order in amorphous system

Friday, May 6 - 10:15

Katherine Thomas, MPI-DS Department DCF

Non-equilibrium behaviour of the polymer films: The role of spin-coating

Friday, June 10 - 10:15

Xunda Feng- MPIDS
Tuning the Ordering Structures at Surfactant-Laden Interfaces of Liquid Crystals

Friday, June 10 - 11:00

Marco Dentz- IDAEA-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
Non-Markovian Transport Dynamics in Heterogeneous Media

Wednesday, June 15 - 16:15

Bulbul Chakraborty- Brandeis University, USA
Jamming by shear

Friday, June 17 - 10:15

Jim Jenkins - Cornell University
Particle Segregation in Dense, Inclined Flows of Granular Material

Friday, July 1 - 10:15

Nikita Tretyakov- Uni Göttingen
MD simulation of polymer films and droplets on different substrates

Thursday, July 21 - 14:00

Sergio Alonso-  Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin
Application of phase field models to active liquid droplets

Friday, July 22 - 10:15

Antoine Fourrière - ESPCI, Paris
Bedforms in a turbulent stream: formation of ripples and dunes

Thursday, August 4 - 10:15

Jan Vesaratchanon - KIT Karlsruhe
Fluidization of highly concentrated colloidal dispersions by tailoring weak attractive interaction

Friday, August 12 - 10:15

Sergio Moya- CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain

Polyelectrolytes and Soft Matter Nanotechnology

Friday, August 19 - 10:15

Anupam Sengupta- MPI-DS
Nemato-microfluidics: Textures, Trapping and Transport

Monday, August 22 - 14:00

Miha Ravnik- Oxford University, UK
Active and passive liquid crystal flow in micro-channels

Thursday, September 22 - 13:00

Uwe Thiele- Loughborough University, GB
Depinning transitions in heterogeneous systems: From sliding drops onsolid substrates to driven particles in nanopores

Friday, September 23 - 10:15

Zeinab Sadjadi - Saarland University
Diffusive transport of light in a disordered packing of disks: Analytical approach to transport mean free path

Friday, October 7 - 10:15

Kier Heeck-  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Advances in experimental technique of Casimir force measurements

Wednesday, October 12 - 14:00

Quentin Brosseau- MPI-DS
Microfluidic system for dynamic surface tension measurement

Thursday, October 13 - 16:15

Annie Colin- Laboratoire du futur, Unité mixte Rhodia CNRS
Microfluidics: a tool to study enhanced oil recovery

Friday, October 14 - 10:15

Kerstin Wagner - MEMPHYS, Center for Biomembrane Physics University of Southern Denmark, Odense
How lipid modifying-enzymes influence and depend on lipid membrane structure

Monday, October 24 - 16:15

Norbert Willenbacher - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Engineering the Stability and Flow properties of Suspensions – Recent Advances and Developments

Friday, November 4 - 10:15

Daniel Herde- MPI-DS
Droplet depinning on heterogeneous substrates

Friday, November 4 - 14:00

Brian Hutchison- Raindance Technologies, USA

Droplet Technology: life science tools enabled by surfactant and emulsion science

Friday, November 18 - 10:15

Stephan Luding - Universiteit Twente
From particles to continuum description: sheared granular media

Friday, December 2 - 10:15

David Fairhurst- Nottingham Trent University, UK
Drying of Polymer Droplets

Monday, December 5 - 14:00

Elena Ouskova- AALTO University, Finland
Heterogeneous liquid crystal systems with dopants of different nature: azo-dyes, magnetic and metal nano-particles, and polymer-azo-dye complexes
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Friday, December 9 - 10:15

Kai Huang- Universität Bayreuth
Dancing of wet particles: from individual bouncing to collective motion

Friday, December 16 - 10:15

Michael Engel- University of Michigan, USA
Towards Structural Complexity in Colloidal Fluidsand Crystals

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