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23.01.2007 Sarah Köster erhält Berliner-Ungewitter-Preis
Sarah Köster erhält den Berliner-Ungewitter Preis der Universität Göttingen als Würdigung ihrer herausragenden Promotion mit dem Titel "Biological matter in microfluidic environment - from single molecules to self-assembly"
13.10.2006 Herbstfest 2006

13.10.2006 Herbstfest 2006

01.09.2006 Forschungsaufenthalt am Institut Curie, Paris
During the winter term, Stephan Herminghaus has been appointed as a guest professor of Université Paris VI, at the Institut Pierre et Marie Curie, hosted by Prof. F. Brochard. The appointment was started with a one month stay at the Paris institute, where some joint work on Nucleation and Dewetting was completed (S. Herminghaus and F. Brochard-Wyart, 'Dewetting through nucleation', Comptes Rendus Physique 7 (2006) 1073-1081).

It is interesting to contemplate about the combinatorics of the wrought-iron window balustrade ornaments. Given the complexity many of them exhibit, one may estimate that it is well possible that there is not a single duplicate (aside from those at the same house, of course) among all of the mid-nineteenth century Paris as designed by Haussmann in the typical renowned style. I do not know if somebody investigated this seriously. Most probably so!

The elevator is quite expensive, so I decided to walk up. Unfortunately, you cannot go all the way up! The stairs ends at the second platform, and the elevator from there to the top does not only ask for exactly the same price as the one from the bottom, but the queues are also just as long. I decided to go down again, but the view was nice on platform two, already!

I just love the architecture of this city! The sublime balance between regularity and variety makes it all so pleasant; and sometimes you think you can feel that the rock they built it all from comes directly from the place. It all adds up to that awe-inspiring optical harmony. But, of course, you can read all that in the tons of books which have been written before by much more educated persons than me.

Yes, this is point zero! You find it in front of famous Nôtre Dame, on the Ile de la Cité. It is not quite the axle of the earth, nor the point where the big bang was ignited, but it is, after all, the point from which the kilometers on all french long distance roads are measured.

See below a few scans from Stephan's Moleskine:
16.08.2006 Wanderung im Umland

16.08.2006 Wanderung im Umland

A Trip to Bremke.

From Goettingen, you can walk right into the forest. On our hiking day this year we took off for Bremke, which is about a 15 kilometers walk away from town.

In Bremke, there is the old traditional restaurant 'Mutter Juette', just the right goal after hike!
26.07.2006 Holger Stark erhält Ruf von der TU Berlin
Holger Stark hat einen Ruf auf eine Professur für Theoretische Physik an der TU Berlin (Nachfolge Hess) erhalten.
05.07.2006 Erstes Treffen des Fachbeirats (5.-7. Juli 06)

05.07.2006 Erstes Treffen des Fachbeirats (5.-7. Juli 06)

Hier sind unsere drei Direktoren zusammen mit dem Fachbeirat, der uns dankenswerter Weise durch einen tiefen Einblick in unser Institut und wertvollen Hinweisen unterstützte. (Obere Reihe: Boris Shraiman, David Campell, Eberhard Bodenschatz, Sandra Trojan, Uzy Smilansky, Theo Geisel, Pierre Hohenberg; untere Reihe: Tim Salditt, Stephan Herminghaus, Alexei Khokhlov).
15.12.2005 Weihnachtszeit in Göttingen...

15.12.2005 Weihnachtszeit in Göttingen...

Cozy times in Göttingen close to the end of the year...and so close to our lab!

Winter Impressions from the town center and the Christmas market. While we are still waiting for snow these pictures show a nice sight of Göttingen.
We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Wir Wünschen euch ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein Frohes neues Jahr!
09.12.2005 Unsere Webseite geht on-line!

09.12.2005 Unsere Webseite geht on-line!

On Friday, Dec. 9 at 4:10 p.m., our new website has been connected to the internet. The image to the left was used to advertise the web page to the public in Göttingen on free postcards ('City Cards'). It shows a grafitty in a cozy shared-housing kitchen where one of us has been living for some years. It translates to 'everything will be fine'.
08.12.2005 Dmytro's Abschiedsparty
Dem's farewell party in our 'yellow kitchen'

... good to have access to an A0 poster printer somewhere --- a good staff to enjoy the party, the yellow kitchen, a cold fridge, something to eat and drink and new pictures of everybody due to the current web page activities!

Farewell Dem...
05.12.2005 Berufung als Professor an die Universität Göttingen
Stephan Herminghaus proudly announces that he has been appointed as a professor ('Honorarprofessor') of the University of Göttingen, effective Nov. 28th, 2005. We are all looking forward to fruitful scientific collaboration with the colleagues of the faculty of physics !
27.09.2005 Richtfest des ersten Bauabschnitts unseres neuen Gebäudes

27.09.2005 Richtfest des ersten Bauabschnitts unseres neuen Gebäudes

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, the official topping-out ceremony of our experimental building took place. The building, which is seen in the front region of the image above and may be recognized by the wing-shaped roof, is designed to host the large scale setups which are going to be used in our institute in the future, such as the high Reynolds number turbulent wind channel. As usual in these cases, there were a few speeches, food, and drinks. We all enjoyed it a lot, as we hope you will when you browse through the selection of images W. Keiderling has shot that day. The rectangular building in the rear is the main building of our new institute and will be finalized in a few years.
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