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Hussaini, S.; Venkatesan, V.; Biasci, V.; Romero Sepúlveda, J. M.; Uribe, R. A. Q.; Sacconi, L.; Bub, G.; Richter, C.; Krinsky, V. I.; Parlitz, U. et al.; Majumder, R.; Luther, S.: Drift and termination of spiral waves in optogenetically modified cardiac tissue at sub-threshold illumination. eLife 10, e59954 (2021)
Punacha, S.; Berg, S.; Sebastian, A.; Krinsky, V. I.; Luther, S.; Shajaha, T. K.: Spiral wave unpinning facilitated by wave emitting sites in cardiac monolayers. Proceedings - Royal Society. Mathematical, physical and engineering sciences 475 (2230), 20190420 (2019)
Otani, N. F.; Wheeler, K.; Krinsky, V. I.; Luther, S.: Termination of scroll waves by surface impacts. Physical Review Letters 123 (6), 068102 (2019)
Hornung, D.; Biktashev, V. N.; Otani, N. F.; Shajahan, T. K.; Baig, T.; Berg, S.; Han, S.; Krinski, V. I.; Luther, S.: Mechanisms of vortices termination in the cardiac muscle. Royal Society Open Sience 4 (3), 170024 (2017)
Shajahan, T. K.; Berg, S.; Luther, S.; Krinski, V.; Bittihn, P.: Scanning and resetting the phase of a pinned spiral wave using periodic far field pulses. New Journal of Physics 18 (4), 043012 (2016)
Shajahan, T. K.; Berg, S.; Luther, S.; Krinsky, V. I.; Bittihn, P.: Scanning and resetting the phase of a pinned spiral wave using periodic far field pulses. New Journal of Physics 18 (4), S. 043012 (2016)
Luther, S.; Fenton, F. H.; Kornreich, B. G.; Squires, A.; Bittihn, P.; Hornung, D.; Zabel, M.; Flanders, J.; Gladuli, A.; Campoy, L. et al.; Cherry, E. M.; Luther, G.; Hasenfuss, G.; Krinsky, V. I.; Pumir, A.; Gilmour, R. F.; Bodenschatz, E.: Low-energy control of electrical turbulence in the heart. Nature 475, S. 235 - 239 (2011)
Bittihn, P.; Squires, A.; Luther, G.; Bodenschatz, E.; Krinsky, V.; Parlitz, U.; Luther, S.: Phase-resolved analysis of the susceptibility of pinned spiral waves to far-field pacing in a two-dimensional model of excitable media. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 368 (1918), S. 2221 - 2236 (2010)
Pumir, A.; Sinha, S.; Sridhar, S.; Argentina, M.; Hörning, M.; Filippi, S.; Cherubini, C.; Luther, S.; Krinsky, V.: Wave-train-induced termination of weakly anchored vortices in excitable media. Physical Review E 81, S. 010901-1 - 010901-5 (2010)
Fenton, F. H.; Luther, S.; Cherry, E. M.; Otani, N. F.; Krinsky, V.; Pumir, A.; Bodenschatz, E.; Gilmour, R. F.: Termination of Atrial Fibrillation Using Pulsed Low-Energy Far-Field Stimulation. Circulation 120, S. 467 - 476 (2009)
Bittihn, P.; Luther, G.; Bodenschatz, E.; Krinsky, V.; Parlitz, U.; Luther, S.: Far Field Pacing supersedes Anti-Tachycardia Pacing in a generic model of excitable media. New Journal of Physics 10, S. 103012-1 - 103012-9 (2008)
Pumir, A.; Nikolski, V.; Hörning, M.; Isomura, A.; Agladze, K.; Yoshikawa, K.; Gilmour, R.; Bodenschatz, E.; Krinsky, V.: Wave Emission from Heterogeneities Opens a Way to Controlling Chaos in the Heart. Physical Review Letters 99, S. 208101-1 - 208101-4 (2007)

Buchkapitel (1)

Han, S.; Otani, N. F.; Krinsky, V.; Luther, S.: A new defibrillation mechanism: Termination of reentrant waves by propagating action potentials induced by nearby heterogeneities. In: Computing in Cardiology Conference 2016, Bd. 43, S. 1077 - 1080 (Hg. Murray, A.) (2016)

Konferenzbeitrag (3)

Wheeler, K.; Krinski, V.; Otani, N. F.: A new, low-energy defibrillation strategy: Use of multiple electric field directions to reshape scroll wave filaments. 44th Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), Rennes, France, 24. September 2017 - 27. September 2017. Computing in Cardiology 44, S. 1 - 4 (2017)
Otani, N. F.; Krinsky, V. I.; Luther, S.: A new far-field cardiac defibrillation mechanism. 2015 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CINC), Nice, France, 06. September 2015 - 09. September 2015. Computing in Cardiology Conference, S. 649 - 652 (2015)
Shajahan, T. K.; Krinski, V.; Knyazeva, S.; Luther, S.: Eliminating Pinned Spiral Waves in Cardiac Monolayer by Far Field Pacing. In: 8th Conference of the ESGCO, S. 151 - 152. 8th Conference of the European-Study-Group-on-Cardiovascular-Oscillations (ESGCO), Trento, Italy, 25. Mai 2014 - 28. Mai 2014. IEEE (2014)
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