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    Rubel, O.; Baranovskii, S. D.; Hantke, K.; Kunert, B.; Rühle, W. W.; Thomas, P.; Volz, K.; Stolz, W.: Kinetic effects in recombination of optical excitations in disordered quantum heterostructures: Theory and experiment. Journal of Luminescence 127 (2), S. 285 - 290 (2007)
  2. 2.
    Diehl, W.; Brick, P.; Chatterjee, S.; Horst, S.; Hantke, K.; Rühle, W. W.; Stolz, W.; Thränhardt, A.; Koch, S. W.: Dynamic behavior of 1040nm semiconductor disk lasers on a nanosecond time scale. Applied Physics Letters 90 (24), 241102 (2007)
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