Lorenn Sandra Léann Le Turnier

PhD student
MPRG Turbulence and Wind Energy
+49 551 5176-325
+49 551 5176-302

Lorenn Le Turnier joined the Turbulence and Wind Energy Group as a PhD student in September 2023. She studies the flow dynamics in the wakes of wind turbines using Lagrangian particle tracking in the Variable Density Turbulence Tunnel. Before joining the MPI-DS, Ms. Le Turnier worked at ArianeGroup in France. She completed her master’s degree in aeronautics and space with a specialization in energy and mechanics at the University of Paris-Saclay in 2022. She wrote her master’s thesis on heat transfer in the Molecular and Macroscopic Energy and Combustion Laboratory (EM2C) at CentraleSupélec. Lorenn holds a bachelor's degree in applied physics from the University of Paris-Saclay. During her bachelor’s degree, she worked in the Department of Molecular Physics at the Physics Institute of Rennes.

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