Mechanics and dynamics of biological adhesion


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Journal Article
Andrea Cordes, Hannes Witt, Aina Gallemí-Pérez, Bastian Brückner, Florian Grimm, Marian Vache, Tabea Oswald, Jonathan Bodenschatz, Daniel Flormann, Franziska Lautenschläger, Marco Tarantola, and Andreas Janshoff, "Prestress and Area Compressibility of Actin Cortices Determine the Viscoelastic Response of Living Cells," Physical Review Letters 125 (6), 068101 (2020).
Journal Article
Richa Karmakar, Christoph Schich, Nadine Kamprad, Vanessa Scheller, Edgar Gutierrez, Alex Groisman, Wouter-Jan Rappel, and Marco Tarantola Thierry Soldati (ed), "Novel micropatterning technique reveals dependence of cell-substrate adhesion and migration of social amoebas on parental strain, development, and fluorescent markers," PLOS ONE 15, e0236171 (2020).
Journal Article
Jose Negrete Jr., Alain Pumir, Christian Westendorf, Marco Tarantola, Eberhard Bodenschatz, and Carsten Beta, "Receptor-induced transient responses in cells with oscillatory actin dynamics," Physical Review Research 2 (1), 013239 (2020).
Journal Article
Hyejeong Kim, Hannes Witt, Tabea A. Oswald, and Marco Tarantola, "Adhesion of Epithelial Cells to PNIPAm Treated Surfaces for Temperature-Controlled Cell-Sheet Harvesting," ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 33516-33529 (2020).
Journal Article
Hsin-Fang Hsu, Alexei Krekhov, Marco Tarantola, Carsten Beta, and Eberhard Bodenschatz, "Interplay between myosin II and actin dynamics in chemotactic amoeba," New Journal of Physics 21, 113055 (2019).
Journal Article
F. Cavallini and M. Tarantola, "ECIS based wounding and reorganization of cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts in co-cultures," Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 144, 116-127 (2019).
Journal Article
Nadine Kamprad, Hannes Witt, Marcel Schröder, Christian Titus Kreis, Oliver Bäumchen, Andreas Janshoff, and Marco Tarantola, "Adhesion strategies of Dictyostelium discoideum - A force spectroscopy study," Nanoscale 10 (47), 22504-22519 (2018).
Journal Article
Y. A. Miroshnikova, H. Q. Le, D. Schneider, T. Thalheim, M. Rübsam, N. Bremicker, J. Polleux, Nadine Kamprad, Marco Tarantola, I. Wang, M. Balland, C. M. Niessen, J. Galle, and S. A. Wickström, "Adhesion forces and cortical tension couple cell proliferation and differentiation to drive epidermal stratification," Nature Cell Biology 20 (1), 69-80 (2018).
Journal Article
Hsin-Fang Hsu, Eberhard Bodenschatz, Christian Westendorf, Azam Gholami, Alain Pumir, Marco Tarantola, and Carsten Beta, "Variability and order in cytoskeletal dynamics of motile amoeboid cells," Physical Review Letters 119 (14), 148101 (2017).
Journal Article
T. J. Lampert, Nadine Kamprad, M. Edwards, J. Borleis, A. J. Watson, Marco Tarantola, and P. N. Devreotes, "Shear force-based genetic screen reveals negative regulators of cell adhesion and protrusive activity," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114 (37), E7727-E7736 (2017).
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