Gholamhossein (Mohsen) Bagheri

(in person)

Dr. Gholamhossein (Mohsen) Bagheri studied mechanical engineering at the Perisan Gulf University (BA) and the Shahid Bahonar University (MSc) (Iran), before completing his PhD at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). During his PhD, he conducted experimental and numerical studies on the dynamics of irregular particles in laminar and turbulent flows, for which he was awarded a PhD in 2015. Shortly after, he received an 18-month grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation to join the MPI-DS as a visiting scientist and is now a group leader. His current research interests include the experimental study of cloud microphysics and atmospheric turbulence with the Max Planck CloudKites, the characterisation of respiratory particle emission and airborne disease transmission, and the numerical/experimental study of the dynamics of non-spherical particles.

Research interests

  • Particle-laden flows
  • Lagrangian statistics of inertial particles in turbulence
  • Clustering, collision and coalescence of inertial particles due to turbulence
  • Experimental and numerical fluid mechanics


Full list of my publications can be found in Google Scholar

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