High-pressure Convection Facility

Detailed descriptions of possible experiments, measurements and existing equipment

The Göttingen U-Boot is a general-purpose pressure vessel. It can be filled with helium, nitrogen or sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) up to the maximum rated pressure of 19 bars with a stability of ± 0.01 bar over several days. The internal temperature of the vessel is actively controlled to within ± 0.05 ˚C as measured at a single location. Electrical/optical cables and water/gas pipes can be fed through the wall of the pressure vessel. No optical viewports are available.

It has been designed to house different experiments. As in the turbulence tunnel, all equipment, from heat transport and particle image velocimetry to 3D-Langrangian particle tracking, can be used inside the vessel. Experimental inserts available include two turbulent cylindrical Rayleigh-Bénard experiments (diameter 1.1m, height 2.2m and 1.1m respectively) that reach Rayleigh numbers as large as Ra ∼ 1015.


Total length: 5.3 m
Straight cylinder length: 4 m
Straight cylinder inner diameter: 2.46 m
Max. height turret: 5.1 m
Turret inner diameter: 1.46 m
Pressure range: 1 mbar - 19 bar,
Temperature range: 20 – 35 °C
Cooling power: up to 50 kW
Kinematic viscosity of SF6 at 15 bar: 1.5×10-7 m2/s.


External users are welcome. Please contact Prof. Dr. Eberhard Bodenschatz for details.

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