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MPIDS Colloquium

MPIDS Colloquium: Cilium checkpoint and human brain organoids

  • Datum: 27.03.2019
  • Uhrzeit: 14:15 - 15:15
  • Vortragender: Prof. Jay Gopalakrishnan
  • Laboratory for Centrosome and Cytoskeleton Biology, University of Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Ort: Max-Planck-Institut für Dynamik und Selbstorganisation (MPIDS)
  • Raum: MPIDS Seminar Room 0.77
  • Gastgeber: MPIDS
  • Kontakt: azam.gholami@ds.mpg.de
Centrosomes and cilia are conserved cellular structures essential for organism development. The primary cilium is a microtubule-based organelle that is dynamically regulated, with assembly occurring during cell cycle exit, and disassembly coinciding with cell cycle re-entry. By studying microcephaly brain organoids, we identified a “cilium checkpoint” that revealed how a timely cilia disassembly is critical to regulate neural stem cell homeostasis during brain development. Intriguingly, the “cilium checkpoint” is inactivated in glioma cancer stem cells. As a result, cancer stem cells undergo uncontrolled self-renewal. Targeting the cilium checkpoint by chemical or genetic manipulation, we could inhibit glioma self-renewal properties and trigger them to differentiate. I shall also highlight how we use brain organoids to model patient-derived glioma cells invasion and new developments in organoids such as generation of brain organoids with functional optic cups.
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