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  1. 26.
    Dura, M.; Schroeder-Schetelig, J.; Luther, S.; Lehnart, S. E.: Toward panoramic in situ mapping of action potential propagation in transgenic hearts to investigate initiation and therapeutic control of arrhythmias. Frontiers in Physiology 5, 337, S. 1 - 7 (2014)
  2. 27.
    Chapochnikov, N.; Takago, H.; Huang, C.-H.; Pangrsic, T.; Khimich, D.; Neef, J.; Auge, E.; Göttfert, F.; Hell, S.; Wichmann, C. et al.; Wolf, F.; Moser, T.: Uniquantal Release through a Dynamic Fusion Pore Is a Candidate Mechanism of Hair Cell Exocytosis. Neuron 83 (6), S. 1389 - 1403 (2014)
  3. 28.
    Murison, J.; Semin, B.; Baret, J.-C.; Herminghaus, S.; Schröter, M.; Brinkmann, M.: Wetting Heterogeneities in Porous Media Control Flow Dissipation. Physical Review Applied 2, 034002 (2014)
  4. 29.
    Bodenschatz, E.; Bewley, G. P.; Nobach, H.; Sinhuber, M.; Xu, H.: Variable density turbulence tunnel facility. Review of Scientific Instruments 85, S. 093908-1 - 093908-18 (2014)
  5. 30.
    Weiss, S.; Seiden, G.; Bodenschatz, E.: Resonance patterns in spatially forced Rayleigh-Bénard convection. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 756, S. 293 - 308 (2014)
  6. 31.
    Bommer, S.; Scholl, H.; Seemann, R.; Kanhaiya, K.; Sheraton M, V.; Verma, N.: Depinning of Drops on Inclined Smooth and Topographic Surfaces: Experimental and Lattice Boltzmann Model Study. Langmuir 30, S. 11086 - 11095 (2014)
  7. 32.
    Benedek, G.; Hizhnyakov, V.; Toennies, J. P.: The Response of a He-3 Fermi Liquid Droplet to Vibronic Excitation of an Embedded Glyoxal Molecule. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (33), 10.1021/jp503184d, S. 6574 - 6583 (2014)
  8. 33.
    Sasaki, Y.; Takikawa, Y.; Jampani, V. S. R.; Hoshikawa, H.; Seto, T.; Bahr, C.; Herminghaus, S.; Hidaka, Y.; Orihara, H.: Colloidal caterpillars for cargo transportation. Soft Matter 10, S. 8813 - 8820 (2014)
  9. 34.
    Perrine, K. A.; Van Spyk, M. H. C.; Margarella, A. M.; Winter, B.; Faubel, M.; Bluhm, H.; Hemminger, J. C.: Characterization of the Acetonitrile Aqueous Solution/Vapor Interface by Liquid-Jet X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy". The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118, S. 29378 - 29388 (2014)
  10. 35.
    Timme, M.; Casadiego Bastidas, J. L.: Revealing networks from dynamics: an introduction. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 47, 343001 (2014)
  11. 36.
    Lenz, M.; Platschek, S.; Priesemann, V.; Becker, D.; Willems, L. M.; Ziemann, U.; Deller, T.; Müller-Dahlhaus, F.; Jedlicka, P.; Vlachos, A.: Repetitive magnetic stimulation induces plasticity of excitatory postsynapses on proximal dendrites of cultured mouse CA1 pyramidal neurons. Brain Structure and Function, S. 1 - 15 (2014)
  12. 37.
    He, X.; Shang, X.-d.; Tong, P.: Test of the anomalous scaling of passive temperature fluctuations in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection with spatial inhomogeneity. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 753, S. 104 - 130 (2014)
  13. 38.
    Jucha, J.; Xu, H.; Pumir, A.; Bodenschatz, E.: Time-reversal-symmetry Breaking in Turbulence. Physical Review Letters 113, S. 054501-1 - 054501-5 (2014)
  14. 39.
    Marschler, C.; Vollmer, J.: Unidirectionally Coupled Map Lattices with Nonlinear Coupling: Unbinding Transitions and Superlong Transients. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 13, S. 1137 - 1151 (2014)
  15. 40.
    Mauracher, A.; Daxner, M.; Postler, J.; Denifl, S.; Huber, S. E.; Scheier, P.; Toennies, J. P.: Detection of Negative Charge Carriers in Superfluid Helium Droplets: The Metastable Anions He*(-) and He-2*(-). Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5 (14), 10.1021/jz500917z, S. 2444 - 2449 (2014)
  16. 41.
    Knoch, F.; Tarantola, M.; Bodenschatz, E.; Rappel, W.-J.: Modeling self-organized spatio-temporal patterns of PIP3 and PTEN during spontaneous cell polarization. Physical Biology 11, S. 046002-1 - 046002-8 (2014)
  17. 42.
    Hein, M.; Wieneke, B.; Seemann, R.: Calculation of the weighting function and determination of the depth of correlation in micro-PIV from experimental particle images. Measurement Science and Technology 25, 084008 (2014)
  18. 43.
    Avila, K. E.; Castillo, H. E.; Fiege, A.; Vollmayr-Lee, K.; Zippelius, A.: Strong dynamical heterogeneity and universal scaling in driven granular fluids. Physical Review Letters 113, 025701 (2014)
  19. 44.
    Sheng, X.; Wintzenrieth, F.; Thomas, K. R.; Steiner, U.: Intrinsic viscoelasticity in thin high-molecular-weight polymer films. Physical Review E 89, 062604 (2014)
  20. 45.
    Priesemann, V.; Wibral, M.; Valderrama, M.; Pröpper, R.; Le Van Quyen, M.; Geisel, T.; Triesch, J.; Nikolic, D.; Munk, M. H. J.: Spike avalanches in vivo suggest a driven, slightly subcritical brain state. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 8, 108 (2014)
  21. 46.
    Zhang, Y.; Kong, D.; Reichl, L.; Vogt, N.; Wolf, F.; Großhans, J.: The glucosyltransferase Xiantuan of the endoplasmic reticulum specifically affects E-Cadherin expression and is required for gastrulation movements in Drosophila. Developmental Biology 390 (2), S. 208 - 220 (2014)
  22. 47.
    Fleury, J.-B.; Schiller, U. D.; Thutupalli, S.; Gompper, G.; Seemann, R.: Mode coupling of phonons in a dense onedimensional microfluidic crystal. New Journal of Physics 16, 063029 (2014)
  23. 48.
    Stollmeier, F.; Geisel, T.; Nagler, J.: Possible Origin of Stagnation and Variability of Earth’s Biodiversity. Physical Review Letters 112 (22), 228101 (2014)
  24. 49.
    Wilczek, M.; Xu, H.; Narita, Y.: A note on Taylor's hypothesis under large-scale flow variation. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 21, S. 645 - 649 (2014)
  25. 50.
    Parlitz, U.; Schumann-Bischoff, J.; Luther, S.: Local observability of state variables and parameters in nonlinear modeling quantified by delay reconstruction. Chaos 24, S. 024411-01 - 024411-11 (2014)
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