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Two Brains - One Thought

January 31, 2007
Max Planck researchers in Göttingen have developed a method to identify possible wiring diagrams of a network based on its dynamics [more]
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A High-Speed Camera Records Turbulence

March 06, 2006
Max Planck researchers in Göttingen answer the decades-old question of how particles separate in turbulence [more]
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Trace the Money

January 25, 2006
Max Planck researchers in Goettingen find universal rules governing the way humans travel - a breakthrough for the mathematical prediction of the spread of epidemics [more]
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Open Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Systems

February 15, 2005
Max Planck scientists develop fundamentals for new microfluidic and nanofluidic devices [more]
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Are you Slow in Coordinating your Thoughts?

March 08, 2004
Max Planck scientists discover a speed limits in neural networks [more]
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