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How to reach us.

Career Service for Junior Researchers

The GGNB Career Service is a service for all junior researchers at the Göttingen Campus, and in particular at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization. Besides offers for career support and advice, the GGNB Career Service aims at facilitating the networking within the postdoc community in the life and natural sciences as well as the self-organization within and initiatives from the postdoc community.

Offers of the GGNB Career Services:

  • Career Impulse Sessions on divers career topics and with career talks from natural and life scientists working in divers positions and work fields (academia, industry, politics, and society)
  • Career development workshops on topics such as application training, career orientation and planning, self-management, and transferable skills
  • Career counseling and advice on topics such as elaborating career and job opportunities, clarifying career goals, developing career strategies, and dealing with work-related challenges (in English or German)
  • Organizational and conceptual Support of events and initiatives from the postdoc community
  • Publication of event announcements and hints to career information on the GGNB Career Blog
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