Turbulence and Particles in Fluids

The holographic system

The holographic system, built by Dr. Freja Nordsiek, Dr. Oliver Schlenczek, and the MPI-DS Machine Shop team. The system consists of a frame with two arms that goes into the Instrument Box of the CloudKite towards the front with the arms protruding from the sides. The pulses from the 355 nm near-UV laser on the lower arm are optionally spatial filtered, expanded, collimated, and steered to the end of the arm where they are turned upward into the view volume. On the other side of the view volume, the resulting holograms are bandpass filtered, directed towards the camera, magnified, and imaged by the camera. The holographic system can image cloud particles as small as 6 microns in diameter in a 54 cm3 volume at frame rates up to 80 fps for at least 30 minutes at a time.

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