Karpitschka Group

Interfaces of complex fluids

Dr. Stefan Karpitschka
Stefan Karpitschka
Group leader
Phone: +49 551 5176-262
Fax: +49 551 5176-202
Room: 2.60b

This group investigates the behavior of complex fluids at their interfaces with solids and gases. For instance, ball pens work well on paper, but would typically fail on glass. The reason for this is the different interaction of the ink, a complex fluid, with the different kinds of surfaces. Similarly, the quality of an ink-jet print depends critically on the drying behavior of the ink which is deposited as tiny droplets onto almost any kind of surface. From ambient humidity to surface porosity, various parameters will impact this process. The impact of our projects spans from everyday occurrence (e.g. paper) over biology to computer technology (silicon microchips).

Open Positions (PhD, Postdoc) & Bachelor/Master Thesis Projects

Currently, we are looking for new group members at all levels. Highly motivated students and researchers that are interested in joining the group should contact me directly by email: stefan.karpitschka at ds.mpg.de. Please attach a CV and a statement concerning your personal research interests to your application letter.

Students that would like to learn more about the current research activities in our lab are more than welcome to contact me. Bachelor and Master thesis projects are available any time.

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