Welcome to the MPRG Wilczek at MPIDS!

From the fascinating self-organization of bacterial flows to large-scale flow patterns in the atmosphere -- flowing matter gives rise to a wide range of intriguing phenomena. A common feature of these complex systems is the tight interplay of disorder, fluctuations and emergent order. The goal of our research is to gain a deeper understanding of a range of open problems from turbulence to active matter. 

Research Topics

  • nonlinear dynamics & complex systems
  • nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and stochastic processes
  • turbulence: statistical field theory, space-time structure of turbulence, particle-laden flows
  • active matter: active fluids & active particles
  • environmental flows: turbulent convection, atmospheric boundary layers, wind energy conversion
  • high performance computing


12/2020 Michael receives an ERC Consolidator Grant! [press release]

11/2020 Our paper on capturing velocity gradients and particle rotation rates in turbulence has just been published in Phys. Rev. Lett.!

5/2020 Our paper on analyzing the spread of COVID-19 was just published in Science! [press release]

9/2019 Our paper on large-scale pattern formation in the presence of small-scale random advection has just been published in PRL!

8/2019: Our paper on disentangling turbulence got published in Nature Communications! [press release]

11/2018: Our PRL on optimal noise cancelling networks was featured as a Focus on Physics!

11/2018: Our PNAS paper on phytoplankton patchiness in mild turbulence was featured on physicsworld!

6/2018:  Michael receives the 2018 Fulbright-Cottrell Award for "combining innovative research and teaching approaches"!

3/2018:  Our paper on space-time correlations in wind farms got published in Wind Energy!

1/2018:  New Journal of Physics' very first paper of 2018: How tracer particles sample the complexity of turbulence! Happy New Year!

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